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Partner with STRONG AND continuing MANAGEMENT teams

CONTROL OR MINORITY positions in privately-held companies

established businesses - AT LEAST $3MM ebitda


Longer-term investment horizon

healthy operating companies

flexibility to tailor Transactions to the individualized needs of founders, owners and operators

Does not invest in Real Estate, distressed assets, development or project finance, or start-ups

Investment Characteristics

Polar Star Capital Partners is a private equity general partnership founded and managed by James Winder, who brings together the resources of family offices and various investment groups. Polar Star seeks to provide collaborative longer-term capital that is supportive of management initiatives and aligned with the philosophies of longer-term investors. We tailor our level of involvement in our investments to that required, and are equally comfortable acting as a strategic sounding board or by offering additional resources to the management team. 

Polar Star has cultivated significant institutional knowledge of several sectors, and has experience in a broad range of industries. Recently, Polar Star Capital Partners acquired a controlling interest in Meridian Restaurants Unlimited, a 126 restaurant franchisee and the 6th largest in the North American Burger King network. James currently serves as chairman of the board of directors of Meridian. PRESS

James previously served on the board of directors of EPIS, a service provider in the utilities industry and a former investment fully attributed to James. James led all aspects of the EPIS acquisition and investment, which generated a gross annual IRR of 103%.

ABOUT Polar Star

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